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camila being an endearing dork with fans 。◕ ‿ ◕。

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everything personal

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@EmilySoto: More #bts with @normanikordei @fifthharmony for #glamoholic taken by @klp_studios @chelseadaylightstudio

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@EmilySoto: @fifthharmony countdown continues with @laurenjauregui 💕 loved working with these talented girls! photo @klp_studios #glamoholic @chelseadaylightstudio

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alren encouraging each other before the show (x)

Harry interacting with Fifth Harmony during Strong 11/9/14

"The super cool thing about us is we definitely feel like we have a personal connection with our fans and it’s so cool to kind of see them grow and for them to see us grow, because a lot of them have been with us since The X Factor, and you know, it’s pretty awesome how everything has just progressed. We’ve evolved."

2013 || 2014

about fifth harmony.

Harry interacting with Fifth Harmony 11/9/14

@sinucabello: I’m gonna miss you tons my tinker bell ❤️ @camilacabello97

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Tristan Evans from The Vamps doing the “Bo$$” choreography

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